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Hybrid Sauna (Infrared + Stones)

Hybrid Sauna (Infrared + Stones)

2 Person Sauna Room
Interior Wood: Hemlock
Exterior Wood: Hemlock
Infrared panel heater(Waterproof)
Harvia Electric Heater
Sauna Stone: 10KGS
Bucket & Ladle
Waterproof RGB LED square Lamp
Touch Control Panel with Bluetooth
Waterproof: IPX5
Resonance Speaker
8mm Clear Tempered Glass Door
Metal Handle & Wooden Handle
Height : 2m

Width : 1.35m

Depth : 1.24m

25.000,00 د.إ

Presenting our innovative hybrid sauna, which expertly combines traditional stone heat with infrared heat. This modern wellness hideaway welcomes you to a world of renewal where heated stones’ age-old appeal combines with state-of-the-art infrared technology. Experience the infrared panels’ deep, penetrating warmth, which encourages muscle relaxation and detoxification, while the scented stones emit soft, cleansing steam. Our Hybrid Sauna is a harmoniously designed blend of modern innovation and timeless tradition that offers a comprehensive, fully adjustable sauna experience. As you set off on a trip that integrates the healing advantages of both worlds, you’ll improve your well-being and create an area that redefines relaxation.


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