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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna


2-Person Sauna Room
Interior Wood: Hemlock
Exterior Wood: Hemlock
Infrared panel heater
Touch Control Panel with BT/FM/USB
RGB LED square lamp
Resonance speaker
6mm Clear Tempered Glass Door
Metal Handle
Power 1800w


Height : 1.95m
Width : 1.18m
Depth : 1.03m

16.500,00 د.إ

Enter a world of complete well-being with our modern infrared sauna, a refuge created to revitalize your body and mind. This sauna, which has been carefully designed and loaded with contemporary technology, uses infrared heat to completely penetrate your muscles and encourage relaxation and internal detoxification. The lavish atmosphere created by the streamlined design and high-quality materials improves your sauna experience. With customizable settings, you may customize your session, and the chromotherapy lighting provides a soothing element. Improve your wellness treatment, take in the comforting warmth, and treat yourself to a personalized getaway right in your own house. With our Infrared Sauna, you may experience a whole new level of relaxation where innovative comfort and age-old healing methods converge.


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