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Home Jacuzzi (Hot Bath)

Home Jacuzzi (Hot Bath)


Material : White Acrylic

Jets : 59 Massage, 3 Fountain.

Heater : 3kw

Water Pump : 0.75kw x 1 pc – 2.2kw x 2 pcs

Led Screen : Yes

Bluetooth : Yes

Pillow : 2 pcs

Total Power : 8.15kw

With our Home Jacuzzi, you can turn your house into an oasis of peace where luxurious leisure and modern technology combine. Take in the calming warmth of the water cascading while the day’s troubles are massaged away by strong jets. Our Home Jacuzzi brings the spa experience right to your doorstep with its precision design and comfort-focused functionality. It blends flawlessly into your living environment. Savor the healing properties of hydrotherapy, relax in settings that suit you, and allow the soft bubbles to refresh your body and mind. With the Home Jacuzzi, you can upgrade your home to the peak of comfort and style. Every dip will take you closer to a state of calm and well-being.


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